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What parents and children are saying about E.A.K.

I never did coding before and didn’t know what it was, but now I know it’s fun. I wish there were more levels. I’m sure girls would like it if they knew how fun it was.

Noa Wigdortz (age 8)

Found out my six year old taught her class E.A.K. - coding in HTML. Amazing influence.

@Julie Smithson

Finally! Someone made a learn to code game that captivates my ten year old daughter. Well done Erase All Kittens!


Played with Erase All Kittens again for the thousandth time with my kids today. WE NEED MORE LEVELS!!


Just discovered Erase All Kittens - if this doesn’t make me want to code, I don’t know what will!!


I am not an internet cat person, but Erase All Kittens may just be the coolest thing I have ever seen. Coding for kids / all humans.


My daughter and I just played Erase All Kittens and we’re hooked! Awesome game teaching us both HTML.


This is outstanding - I need to stop, before I spend all day on it.


Erase All Kittens is a magical gift to the children of the internet . Go and show it to your kids (they will learn about coding!)


Best introduction to coding for children and adults! Who knew kittens were the key to coding?!


Just enrolled to save kittens and save the world! I love the creative, storytelling method of teaching coding to children!