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  • New content released regularly
  • Allows teachers to become facilitators of autonomous, independent learning
  • An extremely effective method to engage both girls and boys aged 8-14 in Computing
  • Inspire girl to code and create.
  • Helps to eliminate ‘technophobia’ through highly gamified and story driven gameplay
  • Knowledge of both computational thinking and real coding languages e.g. HTML

What teachers & students are saying about E.A.K.

I am not an internet cat person, but Erase All Kittens may just be the coolest thing I have ever seen. Coding for kids / all humans.


My daughter and I just played Erase All Kittens and we’re hooked! Awesome game teaching us both HTML.


Erase All Kittens is a magical gift to the children of the internet . Go and show it to your kids (they will learn about coding!).


Just enrolled to save kittens and save the world! I love the creative, storytelling method of teaching coding to children!.