Prepare students for the 21st Century

A revolutionary way to teach code education

E.A.K. is a learning tool designed to introduce young students to professional coding languages. It’s highly gamified and story-driven approach provides teachers with an easier and more efficient method of delivering code education.

E.A.K. supports the national computing curriculum and has also been shown to inspire students to become researchers, teachers, problem solvers, team builders, writers and designers as well as coders.

Benefits to students

  • Knowledge of both computational thinking and real coding languages e.g. HTML
  • Additional skills complementing and going beyond the national computing curriculum e.g. PLTS
  • Helps to eliminate ‘technophobia’ through highly gamified and story-driven gameplay

Benefits to teachers

  • Free lesson plans that support the UK computing curriculum
  • An extremely effective method to engage both girls and boys aged 8-14 in Computing
  • Allows teachers to become facilitators of autonomous, independent learning

What teachers are saying about E.A.K.

Just discovered Erase All Kittens - great way to learn HTML and CSS through cat gifs. Big hit with my Girls Who Code middle schoolers.


Introduced Erase All Kittens coding game to my Grade 7 class this week. Let’s just say they are hooked.


SAVE ADORABLE KITTENS (and also learn HTML and CSS!) with the video game Erase All Kittens. Cutest lesson ever.


We have asked Drum Roll to become an Education Development Partner, as we think their attitude, and ability to listen and develop a stunning learning product is unique.

@Liz Hankin

90% of my Year 7s managed all the demo tasks without any support. It went down especially well with the girls!


Erase All Kittens demo is a brilliant way to teach kids and adults HTML coding: save a kitten, get a kitten video as a reward.