Learn to code.
Save kittens.
Save the universe.

A revolutionary game that prepares kids aged 7-13 for 21st Century degrees and careers, by equipping them with professional digital skills.

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Skills can be applied in the real world!

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Supports the UK Coding Curriculum

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Encourages creativity and critical thinking

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Inspires girls (and boys!) to code

In schools

E.A.K.'s highly gamified and story-driven approach provides teachers with an easier and more efficient method of delivering code education.

  • Fully supports the UK Coding Curriculum
  • Includes 5+ hours of highly engaging lesson plans
  • Encourages independent, autonomous learning
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More than 160,000 players in over 170 countries

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95% of kids want to learn more about coding after playing!

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Used regularly in over 3,000 schools worldwide

At home

E.A.K. teaches children to code in a completely new way. Instead of just learning simple concepts, kids can learn professional languages by changing the code of the game, in order to build and fix levels as they play.

  • Fun, Mario-style gameplay and collectible kitten cards!
  • Builds up confidence, creativity and critical thinking
  • Easy to play and learn alongside your child

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Loved by kids, parents and teachers

Testemonial 05
Five stars 1
I never did coding before and didn't know what it was, but now I know it's fun. I'm sure girls would like it if they knew how fun it was!

Noa Wigdortz (age 8)

Testemonial 06
Five stars 1
Finally! Someone made a learn to code game that captivates my ten year old daughter. Well done Erase All Kittens!


Testemonial 07
Five stars 1
I am not an internet cat person, but Erase All Kittens may just be the coolest thing I have ever seen. Coding for kids / all humans.