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Coding made fun and easy!

Children learn languages quickly and easily, so why not teach them the professional languages of technology?

E.A.K. is a revolutionary, online game that provides kids aged 8-14 with knowledge of both computational thinking and professional coding languages, to effectively prepare them for 21st Century degrees and careers.

Encourages creativity

In E.A.K. there is a huge focus on creativity - after all there’s not much point in students learning to code if they aren’t going to create!

Our aim is to bridge the gap that exists between learning the concepts of coding and being able to apply practical knowledge in a creative way.

Why is coding important?

Since we are becoming increasingly reliant upon technology, coding is now an essential skill. An estimated 65% of today’s schoolchildren will eventually be employed in jobs that don’t exist yet.

Children who understand how technology works and know how to manipulate it, will have a huge advantage over those who don’t - in every discipline, not just computing.

Play alongside your child

E.A.K. offers a gentle introduction to professional coding languages, enabling children to play and learn on their own - or alongside parents and teachers.

Mario-style gameplay, interactive dialogue, quirky characters and kitten gifs makes learning these languages fun for complete beginners and kids aged 8+.

How does it work?

E.A.K. teaches children to code in a totally new way. Instead of just learning computational thinking, girls and boys learn to code by building and fixing reallevels as they play online.

As the game progresses, children will learn how to use their new skills to build their own simple creations on the web. E.A.K. currently teaches HTML syntax, and once purchased, will be updated regularly - teaching HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Our mission...

E.A.K.’s mission is to empower every child with the confidence and practical skills to design and build their own creations on the web.

The E.A.K. team are passionate about inspiring girls to code so that they can grow up to have the same opportunities as boys. Solely through word-of-mouth, we have over 120,000 players globally and 55% of them are girls.