Inspiring girls to code, worldwide

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Why this matters

Studies have shown that 90% of girls give up on coding. And if girls aren't interested by the age of 11, it's unlikely that they will ever be interested.

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The difference we make

EAK is the first tool designed to teach kids the languages of websites and web apps - and give girls, in particular, the confidence to code.

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Our pledge

Our mission is to inspire 50 million girls to code by 2026. If you're leading an initiative to encourage girls in STEM, we'd love to hear from you!

Classroom girls

I have never coded before, but I do like playing fun games - this is why I loved playing Erase All Kittens. I really like the characters, especially rescuing all the different kittens!

I think Erase All Kittens is a really really good game. It is interesting, it has a fun story and it makes me want to learn to code in a way which I did not know how to do before.

Amara and Isabella, Students

For girls page mom and daughter

Erase All Kittens is brilliant. It's a great game that keeps my daughter entertained and at the same time she is learning how to code which is an essential skill to have in our digital world.

Sheila Nazir, Parent

Classroom dee

We have asked Erase All Kittens to become an Education Development Partner, as we think their attitude and ability to listen and develop a stunning learning product is unique.

Liz Hankin, Education Consultant