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Most children are being left behind in our new digital era. Many students don't have access to relevant skills and others lack confidence due to unconscious biases - believing coding to be 'more for boys' and 'too difficult'.

This is exactly how we felt twenty years ago! The world has moved on, and the digital and gender divide has become wider. Tech bros are ruling the world.

We want to see MORE children, especially girls and underserved young people, building up their problem solving skills, confidence and resilience. So that they exceed expectations, reach their potential and are given exciting opportunities.

As kids ourselves, we never imagined that we could become game developers or the founders of a company. It happened through serendipity, years of bootstrapping and 'experts' telling us to quit. This is why we built Erase All Kittens - to encourage and upskill every young learner through inclusive storytelling and gameplay. Our mission is to equip 50 million girls with digital skills by 2026.

If any of this interests you, please follow our journey!

Dee & Leonie xx

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