Teaching kids to become digital superheroes

Founders characters

After discovering that most children, especially girls, are put off learning to code, we set ourselves a challenge to invent a way to teach meaningful digital skills to all newbies aged 8+. Skills that will allow them to build their own cool creations on the web.

We created a fantasy Internet Universe filled with quirky characters, strange stories, magical worlds and collectible kitten cards, to inspire even the most reluctant technophobes!

So far, Erase All Kittens has 160,000 players in 170 countries and over half of them are girls. 95% want to learn more about coding after playing.

We’re aiming to spark a lifelong interest in coding and STEM from an early age. We’re also helping to close the gender digital divide on a global scale - working with tech companies, education organisations and NGOs to donate free EAK accounts to girls in underserved communities.

We're showing the world that coding is for everyone.

Dee and Leonie x
Founders of Erase All Kittens

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Loved by kids aged 8+

Testemonial 05
Five stars 1
I am not an internet cat person, but Erase All Kittens may just be the coolest thing I have ever seen. Coding for kids / all humans.


Testemonial 06
Five stars 1
Best introduction to coding for kids and adults! Who knew kittens were the key to coding?!


Testemonial 07
Five stars 1
Just enrolled to save kittens and save the world! I love the creative, storytelling method of teaching coding to children!