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Used by teachers in over 3,000 schools, worldwide

Working with schools around the world and getting their feedback has led to some of our proudest moments. This is why we created Erase All Kittens.

From the seven year old girl in Canada who took it upon herself to teach her classmates how to code in HTML with Erase All Kittens, to Australian students asking to borrow microbits and books on coding after playing - we have been truly inspired by the curiosity and potential of young minds across the globe.

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More than 160,000 players in over 170 countries

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95% of kids want to know more about coding after playing!

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Used regularly in over 3,000 schools worldwide

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Easier and more efficient

Our highly gamified and story-driven approach is loved by students and offers a far easier and more efficient way of teaching digital computer science and digital literacy, both in the classroom and beyond.

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Higher level of engagement

100% of teachers that have used E.A.K. have said that it enables them to become facilitators of autonomous, independent learning - there is a far higher level of engagement from girls and boys.

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New skills for the future

Our lesson plans cover essential 21st century topics including Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Online behaviour, Fake News, the Environment and Entrepreneurism.

Used in over 3000 schools worldwide

  • 4+ hrs of gameplay content teaching HTML and CSS, new content released on a regular basis

  • 5+ hrs of creative coding lesson plans that support the UK Computing Curriculum

  • Additional skills complementing and going beyond the UK Computing Curriculum e.g. PLTS

  • An extremely effective method to engage both boys and girls in Computing

  • Allows teachers to become facilitators of autonomous, independent learning

  • Helps to eliminate 'technophobia' through highly gamified, story-driven gameplay

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Loved by students and teachers

Testemonial 07
Five stars 1
I loved playing this game! It’s fun and I enjoyed the part where we had to code to reach the next levels.

Sofia, School 21 (age 9)

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Five stars 1
Introduced Erase All Kittens coding game to my Grade 7 class this week. Let's just say they are hooked!


Testemonial 05
Five stars 1
90% of Year 7s managed all the demo tasks without any support. It went down especially well with the girls!