Become a Coding Hero with Erase All Kittens

Solve Puzzles, Code Like a Boss, and Unleash Your Creativity!

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A new PC adventure game that teaches you to code like a developer using HTML and CSS. Play now to level up your coding skills!


We know that it can be difficult to progress from simple block-based to real text-based programming - which is why we created Erase All Kittens.

Our multi-award winning PC game is designed to make learning professional skills fabulously fun for all newbies. You can build and fix levels, while saving kittens in our magical Internet Universe - using code, logic and creativity. All the skills you need to succeed!

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How to play!

How to play kitten

Choose your kitten

Choose from 50 kitten avatars, and get started!

How to play bird

Solve puzzles

Use your skills to solve real coding challenges, and rescue kittens!

How to play cone guy

Track your progress

Collect coding badges, blip coins and kitten cards!

Get started

250,000 unique players in over 100 countries

Stars 2023 02 20 111118 zhdn
I never did coding before and didn’t know what it was, but now I know it’s fun. I’m sure girls would like it if they knew how fun it was!

Noa Wigdortz, Age 8

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Stars 2023 02 20 111118 zhdn
My children absolutely love this game! My son especially was continually laughing at all the kittens he was rescuing. Would definitely recommend!

Nina Hale, Parent

Group 122 2023 02 27 152355 wygh
Stars 2023 02 20 111118 zhdn
I am bursting to share that Erase All Kittens is having an incredible effect on my pupils, far beyond anything I had ever imagined.

Drew Buddie, Head of Computing