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Children learn languages quickly and easily - so why not teach them the real languages of technology? E.A.K. is a brand new game that makes it fun and easy for children to learn real coding languages.

Girls and boys aged 8+ can build and fix levels as they play on their own, or alongside parents or teachers. A huge emphasis has been placed on creativity and critical thinking - ­ skills which are essential for success in today’s world.

Just three people have been building E.A.K. but now we want to create a bigger and better game; to inspire more children, teach more coding skills and empower kids to create on the web. Since there’s only three of us, we really need your help to do this!

So far, we've made an hours gameplay which solely through word-of-mouth has over 50,000 players around the world. Almost half of them are girls.

If you’d like to to see E.A.K. turn into an epic game that makes it fun to learn CSS and Javascript as well as HTML, please help us by making a donation.

To say thanks, we’ll send you a copy of the full game for free, when it’s released :)

Our goal is to teach children to build their own real websites and apps, and to continue inspiring girls around the world to code. Subscribe below for updates on our mission!

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