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Teaching girls to code in Lebanon - An Update


A few months ago we announced our partnership with CodeBrave to hold coding workshops for girls aged 8-13 from disadvantaged areas of Lebanon. We’re so excited to share an update on the workshops and how together we're helping to provide girls from disadvantaged backgrounds with the digital skills they need to succeed.

The workshops kicked off last week at the Beirut Digital District at our first event with our friends from CodeBrave and Forward MENA. We hosted a class of 29 school girls who attend Tahaddi, a school that teaches kids from an extremely disadvantaged area in Beirut.

Coding teachers from CodeBrave Lebanon introduced the girls to the computer for the first time, and the basics of the coding. The girls then started coding their own game whilst playing Erase All Kittens, our coding adventure game that teaches digital and future skills to learners aged 7+. This was followed by a Career Guidance session by Nooreed, to emphasise the vast array of opportunities they can aspire to and the importance of preparing for future careers.

Mira uses a computer and codes for the first time

Alongside her classmates, Mira was first introduced to a computer then to coding through playing Erase All Kittens. She also received guidance about different career opportunities. By the end of the event, Mira surprised her teacher with what she was able to code in just one day after playing our game! When asked what could have been better, she said: “The day could have been longer!”

It was an incredible experience overall, and comments from the girls included: What we did today is beneficial for our future”; “Now I understand what a computer language is”; “I learned a lot of new things today”; “I wish the day was longer”.

Why coding matters?

Digital literacy is essential for children in today's world as it’s a basic part of 21st century education - allowing them to build up logic, problem solving abilities and digital skills. These skills can offer invaluable opportunities in work and life, regardless of learners' backgrounds.

Just the beginning…

We’re delighted that our first (of many) coding events with CodeBrave was a big success, introducing 29 young girls to coding and helping them to understand more about what their future could look like.

We will soon be replicating these workshops with other coding and STEM organisations globally, to inspire more girls (and boys!) to code and create.

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About Erase All Kittens:

Erase All Kittens is a multi-award-winning online adventure game for children aged 7-13 that places a strong emphasis on building up confidence, creativity and critical thinking skills. It is the only game that learners can build and fix using real source code (just like a developer). Every character and coding mechanic in EAK’s story-filled universe has been designed to spark the imagination of children so they feel comfortable, confident, and able to express themselves in today’s world. EAK has 175,000 players in over 100 countries, 55% are girls (other coding tools average 18%), and 95% want to learn more about coding after playing.

About CodeBrave Lebanon:

CodeBrave is a charity in Lebanon that aims at powering Lebanon’s next generation with tech skills. We deliver coding and robotics classes for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our programme, delivered in collaboration with under-resourced schools and shelters, offers students the tech skills, confidence, and opportunity to access the jobs of tomorrow and achieve their full potential.

About Forward MENA:

Forward MENA is a non-profit organisation aiming to develop the skill set of people from all backgrounds to fulfil the digital jobs of today and tomorrow. It supports the new generation of educational programs in testing and developing their curriculum, sourcing participants and scaling. Forward MENA is an incubator of educational programs at the intersection of design, technology and leadership targeting Kids, University Students and Continuous Learners.

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