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We’ve partnered with Maker Futures!

Partnership announcement TESCO

We are excited to announce that Erase All Kittens has teamed up with Maker{Futures} to inspire more children to code and create!

This partnership means we are bringing our story-led coding game Erase All Kittens to more schools across the nation; working together to teach young people about how technology works, and enabling them to be innovative thinkers and problem solvers in the digital world ahead.

As one of the most important skills for the future, coding is an increasingly valuable tool for children to acquire. It is a universal digital language used to create all of the games, websites and apps that we use everyday and helps us to communicate and solve problems on a global scale.

Our workshops with Maker{Futures} will guide young learners through topics such as the basics of coding & algorithms, HTML and CSS (the languages of all websites and webapps) and game design, and allow them to apply their knowledge and skills to create on the web.

During the workshops, students build up transferable skills essential for the 21st Century, such as creativity, critical thinking and also confidence to take on any challenge.

MakerFutures is a growing movement internationally that provides resources, support and workshops for early years settings, schools, libraries, museums and community spaces who want to develop their maker education provision.

Dr Alison Buxton, Maker{Futures} Programme Director, says: “We’re delighted to team up with Erase All Kittens to help children and families develop and apply digital and STEM skills through what we call a STEAM approach that integrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics with the arts.

From our initial EAK Maker{Futures} sessions at schools in Sheffield, Erase All Kittens has gone down a treat with students, teachers and parents experiencing the benefits of being able to acquire, apply and build their knowledge of coding. It’s fantastic that students are asking their teachers to play Erase All Kittens again and again to continue exploring the fantasy universe and gain important real-world skills!”

Each teaching method in our Erase All Kittens coding adventure game has been designed to spark the imagination of 8-13 year olds, to prepare them for a world filled with exciting opportunities and lucrative careers. It is the first ever game that allows players to build and fix levels using real source code – just like a developer. EAK's story-filled gameplay has also been designed to appeal to both girls and boys – 95% of girls want to learn more about coding after playing!

Thanks for your support, and keep in touch with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more updates.

Team E.A.K.

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